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What can you do with STIPPLE?

Import - Visualize - Edit

Stipple is Light & Shadows' new pointclouds' editing tool! 

Stipple enables you to import your Point Clouds and to visualize them in order to edit them.

You can customize your Point Clouds data to explore and experience different environments in VR. We developed few tools for you to edit your data: edit, copy, and several others.

You can also compare it with a BIM or CAD file and see the differences between “as-built, as-designed”.

Why not you? Come and explore the only Unity plugin allowing you to import and display a massive point cloud up to a nearly unlimited number of points in a VR headset!

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Why Choose STIPPLE? 


You can easily import your files in Stipple.

Supported formats (PointClouds): 

  • e57 (.e57)

  • PTS/PTX (.pts, .ptx)

  • LAS (.las)


Stipple allows the visualization of extra-large point clouds with a nearly unlimited number of points (until 5 billion points). 

You can travel in your points clouds! 


Using the tools available in Stipple, you can

edit your PointCloud: 

- You can cut/crop one part that you do not need

- You can isolate one part of your massive Point Cloud: cut and isolate a robot for example and put it in another place. 


Stipple is VR compliant, which means you have the possibility to visualize your PointClouds in a VR headset using the full power of the Unity platform! Thanks to its Level Of Detail, you can see your Point Clouds as detailed as you want! 


Compare Point Cloud and 3D model to highlight the differences between a scan and BIM model.
Make a comparative analysis to ensure your building is built "as designed" or if there are changes to be made.


All features for only:

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