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Why Unity and Stipple will soon be an invaluable asset in your design pipeline

Updated: May 18, 2022

Stipple is a plugin for Unity, a leader in the world of 3D technology. But how can these two powerful platforms optimize your processes?

Unity is the leading real-time 3D engine for industrial projects. It is a powerful 3D rendering engine, not only famous for games, but also for its awesome community. It is a perfect fit to power your industrial pipeline that involves 3D assets and interactive rendering.

Thanks to Unity ecosystem, you will be able to load almost any kind of industrial 3D data and render it in real-time.

If you need to import your BIM model, Unity Reflect will be the way to go.

Want to import a CAD model? Thanks to PiXYZ, you will be able to import your native CAD file and simplify it easily.

Want to mix it with scan data? Stipple got you covered!

Stipple scheme with Unity and PiXYZ

Mixing, importing, and rendering any 3D data is only the first step. If you need to add smart behaviors, beautify your render, or create an awesome traveling effect, there is always an asset for that!

With Unity, you can create a unique workflow that will fit your company. Stipple is the doorstep to import your awesome scans into this thrilling pipeline.

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