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Release Note - Stipple [v4.0.3]

2023 - 04 - 11

Here is a list of all the changes and new features you can find in the latest version!

To update Stipple, you will have to update from Download History page.


  • Enable PLY file format.

  • Introduce lighting for pointcloud. Pointcloud will react to directionnal lights, spot and ambient lighting. It also supports realtime shadows. In order to have a proper lighting, pointcloud must have normals generated at import.

  • Support fog when using lit points.

  • Add an optional bilateral filter in order to smooth colors when pointcloud is noisy.

  • Basic support for URP


  • Change pointcloud log file location to match editor logs folder.

  • Change PointCloudStreamer's point budget by a new "Points Rendered" field to set maximum number of points that can be rendered at once.


  • Fix disabled pointcloud when we were in a built application.

  • Fix slider when max value is exceeding total number of points.

  • Add needed redistribuables c++ dll.

  • Fix flickering in editor when a preview camera was activated.

  • Fix licensing issue that was happening on some systems.

  • Some points were not at the right position when loading PTS file.

  • Fix crash when importing large pointcloud with normals.

  • Misc optimizations.


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